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Dizzy OG

  • Indica
  • THC: 23-25%

Designed as a gift to his loyal fanbase, Dizzy Wright and Crown Genetics came together to bless your lungs with one of the best strains available today. As a cross of the company’s original strain Crown OG and King Louis OG, it has an olympic level of strength followed by a spectacular THC content. The Dizzy OG strain is guaranteed to pack a heavyweight punch!

Director's Cut

  • Indica
  • THC: 20%-27%

The third strain brought to life by the brand is the love child of Larry OG and Crown OG that would come to be known as Director’s Cut. A strain with a beautiful scent and a high that is even more appealing to the consumer, Director’s Cut truly shines in the limelight and is a testament to the standard of quality that Crown Genetics produces.

Crown OG

  • Indica
  • THC: 23-28%

 If what you are seeking is an indica strain that has knockout power, crisp taste, and a smooth draw, then look no further. Crown OG is a cross of King Louis OG and SFV OG. When these two powerhouses collide the result is an OG that never disappoints. Perfect for those combating insomnia and pains, or those who are just looking for mental escape. It is also great for the consumers who have a high tolerance, looking for something with an apparent presence.

Palm Leaves

One of the first products born as a result of legalization is our all natural, tobacco free Palm Leaf with a corn husk filter. Each one is rolled with a gram of either Crown OG or Dizzy OG. The same flower used for the eighths is the same stuff we put into the leaves, meaning there is no difference in quality. You are always guaranteed to get some fire smoke! The Palm Leaves are slow burning, great tasting, and can be a great alternative for those who are not looking to purchase a whole eighth of flower.

Trim Run Shatter

Winning many awards between 2015 and 2016 from the SoCal, NorCal, Michigan, and Denver Cups, our concentrates stand the test of any consumer as a gold standard in the industry. Whether it be the wide variety of strains or unparalleled smoking experiences, anytime you get to enjoy a Crown Genetics concentrate you can find solace in knowing you are getting the best wax you can possibly get your hands on! Flavors include King Cookie, Crown OG, Director's Cut, Crownana, Dizzy OG, and more.

Live Resin

  • Indica

Our live resin starts with flowers harvested at the peak of aromatic maturity and frozen immediately to capture all of the delicate terpenes. Our state-of-the-art closed loop process produces a product with unparalleled flavor and potency. Flavors include Royal Misu, Director’s Cut, King’s Kush, Crown OG, and more.

Pre-roll Joints

  • Variety
  • THC: 19-27%

Taking the mini nuggs from our high quality indoor flower, we utilize all the best parts of our strains without compromise. Our team works with whole nuggs, no trim! All pre rolled joints come in a .7g serving and include a boveda humidity pack to preserve quality. Our joint packs include 5 .7 gram joints, making it the perfect option for anyone wanting a eighth of quality OG flower. Flavors that are currently in stock include Dizzy OG, Crown OG, and Director's Cut.

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